Junkyard Groove will be performing live on 23rd March at 1700 hrs
Dr. Ashoke Sen will be delivering a talk on 23rd March at 1100hrs
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The most awaited fest of the season
Get ready to end your semester with a blast from 21st March to 23rd March, 2014
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Fiesta 2014 CMI Merchandise Store Sponsors The Team
Presented by CMI, this year Fiesta'14 celebrates 25 years of the institute's glorious existence through a bouquet of events in March, 2014.

Fiesta is really "an epic of miniature proportions" which encompasses about a dozen online events and 10 on-site events, in a cosmos of a month.

Renowned as one of the largest online fests, Fiesta offers a unique amalgamation of technical nerdiness and cultural aesthetics.

  • Venue: Chennai Mathematical Institute,
                 H1, Sipcot IT Park, OMR, Siruseri, Kelambakkam, Chennai - 603103
  • Onsite Date: 21st March, 2014 - 23rd March, 2014
  • Schedule: Download Here
Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) is a centre of excellence for teaching and research in the mathematical sciences. The research groups in Mathematics and Computer Science at CMI are among the best known in the country. The Institute has nurtured an impressive collection of PhD students.

In 1998, CMI took the initiative to bridge the gap between teaching and research in India by starting BSc and MSc programmes in Mathematics and allied subjects. Students who have graduated from CMI have gone on to join leading institutions throughout the world. CMI occupies a unique position in Indian academia, attracting substantial funding from both corporate and government sources.

CMI's vision is to build on its early success and develop into a wellrounded academic institution, in the tradition of the best universities around the world. In the past few years, the institute has gained a greater recognition both in India and abroad.

CMI Fiesta'14 Hoodie
INR 500
CMI Fiesta'14 T-Shirt
INR 250

If you are interested to buy, please feel free to email at rebhu@cmifiesta.in.

Mr. Vinod Parthasarthy
Mr. Sahid khan
Mr. Rama Narashimham Yamijala
Mr. Sudhir kumar
Mr. Somenath Ghose
Mr. Anirban Mukherjee
Mr. Proneta Ghose
Mr. Debakanta Biswal

Media Partner


Online Media Partner

Core Team
  • Rebhu Johymalyo Josh (rebhu@cmifiesta.in)
  • Ranadeep Biswas
  • Soumya Banerjee
  • Srijan Datta
  • Ritwik Mukherjee
  • Suman Sadhukhan
  • Abhishek De
  • Chayan Kumar Banerjee
Event Team
  • Tvisha Gupta
  • Prantar Ghosh
  • Soumyajit Paul
  • Souvik Ash
  • Nikhil Tadigoppula
  • R Goutham
  • Soumyadip Sahu
  • Pranav V Chakravarthy
Wall Street
Make Meme
about rules registration prize
When your friends in the colony were playing in the little thing called ‘outside’, were you busy kicking ass in Project IGI?

When your teacher gave you the busy-work problem to find the gcd of two six-digit numbers, did you code the answer?

Was your first Java applet a game of Tic-Tac-Toe?

Here’s an opportunity to show off your coding skills. CMI Fiesta presents Code IT. So get your programming gears together and be prepared to test your Geek Quotient.

1. The competition will be hosted on the Codechef Platform.

2. Anyone can participate in this contest. But prizes can only be won by college/school students of Indian institutions.

3. This is an individual event. Any evidence of collaboration will lead to immediate disqualification.

4. A maximum number of 20 submissions is allowed per problem.

5. The ranking will be decided primarily on the basis of number of problems solved. If tied, then the penalty time will be considered. The penalty time for a problem is the submission time (in minutes, after start of the contest) for a CORRECT submission. For each INCORRECT submission, 20 minutes will be added. If a tie still remains, it will be broken in accordance with the time of last correct submission.

6. Admins reserve the right to disqualify any candidates, before, during or after the contest.

7. Participants can submit solutions in any of the languages supported by codechef such as C, C++, Java, Python.

8. The run-time limit for each solution is 2 seconds

To be announced.
To be announced.
about rules registration prize
“The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.”

-S. Gudder

Do you have the innate passion to do with numbers what Messi does with the football? Are you someone who tends to juggle with equations like an adroit juggler?

Then, all you mathematical aficionados, who love to tackle thought-provoking mathematics problems - This is one contest you ought not to miss!

1. There will be two rounds.

2. The first round will have 25 questions that have an answer between 0 and 999. The question are in increasing order of difficulty.

3. There will be a certain cutoff for the first round. Only those who have cleared this cutoff will have access to the questions of the second round.

4. The second round will be subjective with 5 to 6 questions. Full solutions have to be submitted for evaluation at submit@cmifiesta.in in either pdf or doc file. The solutions can be TeX'ed or handwritten.

5. The decision of the evaluator in the case of the subjective questions will be final. The contestants with maximum points will be adjudged winner.

To be announced.
To be announced.
about rules registration prize
Do you have a natural inquisitiveness about the world as we see it? Do life, universe and everything intrigue you?

Then, CMI Fiesta’s Physics Olympiad - Gravity is just the place for you!

Solve mind-boggling problems and collaborate and communicate with students from all over the world in this unique platform.

1.There will two rounds. A participant will have to clear the preliminary round in order to qualify for the final round.

2. The first round will have multiple choice questions.

3. There will be a certain cutoff for the first round. Only those who have cleared this cutoff will have access to the questions of the second round.

4. The second round will be subjective with 5 to 6 questions. Full solutions have to be submitted for evaluation at submit@cmifiesta.in in either pdf or doc file. The solutions can be TeX'ed or handwritten.

5. The decision of the evaluator in the case of the subjective questions will be final. The contestants with maximum points will be adjudged winner.

To be announced.
To be announced.
about rules registration prize
Are you tired waiting for the next installment of the Sherlock series?

Here’s an opportunity to play the e-Detective version of Holmes, himself. Connect the clues, solve the mysteries and as they say in Hollywood, “X, always, marks the spot”.

1. There will be 25 levels. In each level, you have to solve a riddle/puzzle to move on to the next one.

2. The person who completes all the levels first wins. If nobody completes all the rounds,then whoever has gone the farthest will be declared the winner.

3. Caps, spaces and special characters are not allowed. For example, if your answer is CMI Fiesta, you have to type "cmifiesta" in the answer box (without quotes).

4. Google and Wikipedia will be your best friends.

5. All clues may not be visible upfront on the question page. You might have to check the source code or examine the images. Changing the URL may help sometimes.

6. Hints will be provided on the forum during the event.

7. Please don't provide answers to other participants in the forum. It will lead to immediate disqualification.

8.Please don't call us for answers/hints.

Xploracion is now live.
To glide through the labyrinth, click here.

At the end of the maze prizes worth INR 4000 awaits for its rightful owner(s).

You can register for the event from your dashboard.
To be announced.
about rules registration prize
Explore & race through Wikipedia articles, in this virtual obstacle race, WikiLinks, presented by CMI Fiesta, a game created and developed by Micah Martin and designed by Terry Acker.
1. There will be a total of 10 rounds in this contest.

2. In each round, 2 pages from Wikipedia will be specified.

3. The participants need to link the 2 pages in the following manner:-

Let the given pages be A and B. Then they need to go from A to some page X1 by clicking some link given on page A. From X1 they need to go to some other page X2 in a similar manner and so on till they reach page B.

For example the pages of:-

Che Guevara (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Che_Guevara) and Albert Einstein (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Einstein) have a link as follows:-

Che Guevara -> Time Magazine (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_(magazine)) -> Henry Luce (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Luce) -> Yale University (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yale_University) -> Princeton University (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princeton_University) -> Albert Einstein.

The main goal is to find the shortest connecting path in the shortest possible time.

A detailed demo of the game will be uploaded soon.

To be announced.
To be announced.
about rules registration prize
“The first rule of Wall Street: Nobody; and I don't care if you're Warren Buffet or Jimmy Buffet; nobody knows if a stock is going up, down or sideways, least of all stockbrokers. But we have to pretend we know.” – The Wolf of Wall Street

Buy penny stocks, sell worthless shares, do whatever you can in this virtual Wall St.

1. This is a competition that will go on for a period of 7 days.

2. A page of 25 stocks listed under 'FIESTA Stock Exchange' will be given on Day 1 along with some fictitious news clippings related to the companies listed or the segments they work in.

3. Each contestant will be given a fictitious bank account having an initial deposit of CFR 1 L each.

4. Over the next 6 days, the stock pries will change once a day at 12 a.m. These prices will be given along with a newspaper page of 'FIESTA Business Times'.

5. The contestants have to invest their bank balance just as they would do in a real stock exchange and aim to maximize their profits.

6. Buy stocks, sell them, just gamble in the market!

7. There is no upper limit on the number of times a contestant can trade in a day.

8. Every day at 12 am, the top 10 contestants' names along with their bank balances will be given on the website for transparency reasons.

9. At the end of the 7th day, the contestant with the maximum bank balance will be the winner.

To be announced.
about rules registration prize
“What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time.”- John Berger

Look through the camera of your eyes, and search your neighbourhood for the perfect shot, as CMI Fiesta presents PixElite, a platform where you can bring to life the adventure called ‘life’.

1. A participant can submit ONLY 1 photograph.

2. Participants should be the sole proprietor of the photographs.

3. Photographs must not be edited in any way apart from adjusting their brightness, contrast and/or sharpness. Else, the participant will be immediately disqualified.

4. You have to specify an appropriate caption for your photograph.

5. Participants should also mention your NAME, EMAIL ID, CONTACT NO, CAMERA MODEL, TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS, SOFTWARE USED (if any) and the DATE, TIME AND PLACE of the photograph.

Send your picture to submit@cmifiesta.in using the subject "Pixelite :: [your email address that you used to register at Fiesta]"
To be announced.
about rules registration prize
“Photography is truth. Cinema is truth, 24 times per second”- Jean Luc Godard

The best shots. The best moments. The best emotions. Capture them all in the cinematic medium and be the next generation of the art and science of film.

1. Each participant must send their submissions in CD/DVD in any of the following format: AVI, WMV, MKV, MP4 along with photographs during making as proof .

2. There can be a maximum of 3 submissions from each college/university.

3. Films that have been screened anywhere else are not eligible. This does not include “work-in-progress” screenings in which an incomplete version of the film was previously screened.

4. Films completed prior to January 1, 2012, are not eligible for consideration for the 2014 Festival.

5. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to secure authorization and permission from the copyright owner(s) of any and all copyrighted content or materials included within the submitted Film. The judges reserve the right to disqualify any Film with any unauthorized inclusion of copyrighted content or materials.

6. Applicants submitting Films that contain significant non-english spoken dialogue must provide on-screen English subtitles.

7. The Admin is under no obligation to provide to the Applicant or any other representative of the Film any comments or feedback regarding the submitted Film or why a film was adjudged the winner.

8. A topic will be uploaded. This simply suggests the variety of subjects that can be dealt with. For example, if the topic is “City at Midnight”, your short film can deal with brothels in France but not medieval knights fighting in broad daylight, unless you provide sound justification.

9. Film submitted must be a short fiction.

10. The length of the film cannot exceed 20 minutes.

11. Animation is allowed if all parts of the production is done by the institution. Any form of unfair means and/or plagiarism will be disqualified, if found.

Entries can be submitted either online or offline.

For offline, send the film in a CD/DVD in one of the aforementioned formats with your details to Fiesta Team, Chennai Mathematical Institute. H1 SIPCOT IT park, Kelambakkam, Siruseri- 603 103.

For online, upload your film in Google Docs or YouTube and share with submit@cmifiesta.in . In every case, write your name, institution, email id (as registered on CMI Fiesta '14 Portal) and contact number along with courier or email.
To be announced.
about rules registration prize
Someone said that the best way to keep a secret between two persons is to knock off one of them. Imagine that you got hold of some antique parchment which has a secret message scribbled in it in some cryptic language. If you think you’re a cryptomaniac, decipher your way to victory in NCRYPT, presented by CMI.
  • Team size:1

  • There will be 30 levels. In each level, you have to solve a riddle/puzzle to move on to the next one.

  • The participants will be judged on both correctness and time of submission of the solution.

  • Caps, spaces and special characters are not allowed. For example, if your answer is CMI Fiesta, you have to type "cmifiesta" in the answer box (without quotes).

  • The Decision of Team Fiesta will be final and binding.

  • Please don't call us for answers/hints.

To be announced.
To be announced.
about rules registration prize
1. Each participant can submit ONLY 1 entry.

2. Every meme must be in the form of a slide or series of slides consisting of popular rage/meme based characters, with suitable captions and/or dialogues left to the discretion of the participants.

3. Popular characters/rage faces/background or situational photographs can be self-fabricated or obtained from the internet.

4. A participant can create a meme on any topic of his/her choice. EXTRA credit shall be given for funny memes. EXTRA credit will also be given for creating a totally new character in the meme.

5. Though participants are being given the liberty to select any sort of topic, racially abusive comments will NOT be entertained.

6. If a meme is found to be copied, the participant will be immediately disqualified.

Send your meme to submit@cmifiesta.in using the subject "Meme[your email address that you used to register at Fiesta]"
To be announced.
CMI Open
Fiesta Cup
License To Kill
Free Kick
about rules registration schedule
If you've been solving the Rubik's cube for a while, and would like to test yourself, this is the place to be. Fiesta brings to you the opportunity of showcasing your cubing skills in the upcoming contest:

The CMI Open is a NATIONAL-LEVEL competition recognized by the World Cubing Association (WCA) that is anticipating well over a hundred participants.

For the information of the uninitiated, speedcubing involves solving the Rubik's Cube and related puzzles as fast as one can. In 1982, the first World competition was held in Budapest. Since the inception of this sport, interest has grown exponentially in the Indian subcontinent, with the result that the once mystifying Rubik's cube has now become a household name. India now boasts of having the 3rd highest number of speedcubers in the world, after only China and USA. This is the second time that such an event is going to be held in CMI, and national records are expected to be registered in various events.

The number of preregistered participants seems to indicate that this is going to be the largest cubing competition of its kind in India. Expect a rejuvenating experience as you get to see the participants solve the Rubik's cube one-handed, and even blindfolded, with old records being broken and new records being made!

This event is partnered by The SCMU Store


Regardless of which day of the competition they attend, participants must report to the venue by 11:00 am sharp, and please make it clear that there will be no spot registrations, even if you haven't paid you are at least expected to pre-register on the WCA site before the mentioned deadlines.

Anti-theft policy

The great news is that we don't have any such policy! You are all expected to take care of your puzzles, neither organisers nor delegates nor the management/security/housekeeping or anyone is answerable for the loss of your belongings. The only one (ir)responsible is you.

Competition Regulations

All participants are expected to follow the regulations as described on WCA Site



A few extra guidelines from us

  • Please do not bang the timers to stop, they can stop at the slightest touch, so just placing back your palms on the sensors is enough.
  • Any disputes involving the proceedings of the competition(scrambling/judging/scoring etc.) should be reported to the delegates, which will be resolved only if possible.
  • Cut offs: (If any) will be mentioned at the venue before the start of every event. A hard cut off is a time limit which if crossed gives the participant an automatic DNF. A soft cut off is one which if the participant exceeds for both the first two attempts the participant is asked to discontinue the round.
  • Participants for all rounds(except finals) of all events will be called in alphabetical order, if you have missed your turn you will be called back again after the end of the current sequence.
  • Volume Level: Do try to keep it at an all time low if not silent. If you want to be present at the venue during Blindfold events, please maintain absolute silence.
  • other rules if any will be mentioned.

Before registration please read all the following instructions.

There are a total of 10 WCA events to be held at CMI Fiesta Open '14.

Base Charges: INR 150 (for participating in 3 or less events)
Additional Charges: INR 50 per event (for more than 3 events)
Priviledge Surcharge: INR 50(For participants paying exclusively at the venue)

e.g. for someone participating in 2 events the total charges are INR 150
* 5 events : INR 250
* All events : INR 500

If paying at the venue just add INR 50
  1. Register on the WCA website with full and correct information.
    Please do not enter incomplete names, or initials, such registrations won't be accepted.
    Please enter your full name(first name + surname). If you don't have a surname, you must use your father's first name as your surname.
    Please do not send multiple registrations under the same name and email address, you will be asked by mail to re-register only if required by us.
    Every participant must provide a unique and valid e-mail ID where they can be contacted.

  2. Choose one of the following options

      Payment by Cash

      Pay directly at the cash section at the venue by Friday, 21st March, 2014, during fest hours.
      Adjustments for payment of registration for megaminx will be made at the venue itself.

      EXTENSIONS: For those who don't have any events on Friday, you can make payments by the prescribed reporting time on Saturday, 22nd March.

    For queries regarding cash handling you may contact
    Shubhayan Kabir [email: shubhayan@cmifiesta.in use subject: "CMIFO '14"]

  3. Online Payment

    Click here to register via The SCMU Store and entitle yourself to some awesome SCMU goodies. Bring a printout of your participation ticket for verification.

about rules registration prize
Remember those old days when we were asked the name of the 18th president of Madagascar in quiz shows?

Well, not anymore. Here a quiz show, which is for both amateurs who want try a hand at quizzing and also for those die hard quizzards, who eat, pray and love quizzing.

1. Two contestants per team.

2. There will be prelims followed by finals on the same day.

3. The rest of the rules will be declared on spot.

Spot Registration is available.
Winners: INR 3000

Runners-up: INR 2000

about rules registration prize
                        “I'm singing in the rain
                        Just singing in the rain
                        What a glorious feelin'
                        I'm happy again” – Singing in the Rain

Scale your pitch, adjust your timbre and set the barometer rising with your baritone.
1. Each participant should be completely on his/her own. They may bring their favoured instruments or they can use any supporting recorded material or karaoke.

2. They need to bring their own karaoke in CDs.

3. The language should be restricted only to English and Hindi.

4. The time limit would be 5 minutes 30 secs, exceeding which would result in deduction in points.

5. The decision of the judge will be final.

Spot Registration is available.
Winner: INR 1000

Runner-Up: INR 500

about rules registration prize
Salsa, tango or bharatnatyam, kathak?
What about Bollywood style, some Farah Khan moves? Or the latest fad, twerking?
What could interest the judges of Sargam, presented by CMI Fiesta?

Prepare your dancing moves for this one of a kind competition.
1. Each participants(group or solo) will be alloted atmost ten minutes. Anyone crossing the limit will be penalised.

2. A team can consist maximum of 5 members.

3. Extra points will be awarded for proper costume and make-up.

4. Participants have to bring their own equipments and props. Sound system will be provided by Team Fiesta.

5. The stage will be of dimension 40 ft x 16 ft.

6. Each team will be provided at most _________ microphones.

7. The performers either perform with music on CD/DVD or perform live with musicians. But the combination is not allowed.

8. In between two performances there will be at most a gap of 10 minutes for setting up stage.

9. The ordering of the participants will be decided by Team Fiesta. No request will be accepted.

10. The performer has to inform the dance style(Indian classical, Western, Folk etc.).

Spot Registration is available.
Winner: INR 2000
about rules registration prize
“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Acoustica is a contest that will not only bring out the best in the musician participants but will also jazz up the audience and weave a magic in the ears and the hearts of all music-lovers. It will consist of acoustic performances by the participants. Participants need to register as teams each comprising of at most 5 intrumentalists and/or vocalists.

So are you ready to capture a rousing symphonic experience???

  • Only acoustic/semi-acoustic instruments are allowed.

  • Each group should consist of a maximum of 5 members.

  • Each group will be given 20 minutes of stage time which includes set-up. Each team should perform a maximum of three songs.

  • No drum-kit will be provided. However, participants are free to bring any acoustic percussion instruments.

  • Each time will be provided with a suitable number of mics and audio cables.

  • The judges decision will be final and binding.

Spot Registration is available.
Winner: INR 2000
about rules registration prize
Put your blood, sweat and tears into this 90 minutes of action. Bring the best teams of your college for this soccer tournament for its gonna be one baddass clash of football-thirsty titans! So grumbleth naught thou in false red cards and overlooked offsides in the comfort of thine couch and as they sayeth, "Lets meet in the field..."
The detailed rules can be found here
To be announced.
Winners: INR 5000 and Winner's Trophy.

Runners: INR 2000

about rules registration prize
Counter Strike is a boy’s game, for boys who love their toys, boys who never grow up, boys who have a certain “James bond idea of manhood”.
Surprise your enemies with flashbangs, and empty the opponent spawn with breath-taking head-shots in this virtual bloodbath.
The following settings will be set on servers:

Round time: 2min 30 sec
Freeze time: 6 sec
Buy time: 90 sec
Friendly Fire: On
  • First, 10 rounds will be played.
  • Then teams will swap sides.
  • Another 10 rounds will be played.
  • Starting money in both cases will be $800.
  • 5 players from each team will be playing.
  • Match is over when either team scores 11 round victories.
  • In the event of a tie, match will go to overtime.
  • There will be a 5 minute break before overtime commences.
  • During overtime 10 additional rounds will be played, 5 rounds per side.
  • During overtime team which lost the initial toss round selects which side they play as.
  • Starting cash for overtime round is $10,000.
  • In the event of a continuing tie, 10 additional rounds are played until tie is broken.
  • A team should have 5 players.
  • Toss Round: - The starting side of each team is decided by a knife round between the teams. If anyone uses anything other than knife in this round the other team will win the toss round by default.
  • Match play will commence with 5 minutes of warm-up play.
  • Once match play has commenced, no player is permitted to pause or otherwise disrupt match play.
  • Each team shall have a team captain.
  • Team captains are required to:
    1. Ensure all team members understand the competition rules prior to match play.
    2. Ensure all team members comply with competition rules.
    3. Only the team captain shall liaise with competition admins.
  • Team captaincy may only be transferred once.
  • If a server error occurs before round 3 that match will restart, scores are discarded.
  • If there is any server error after round 3 then that round will not be counted. As soon as the player is reconnected the round will be restarted.
  • Maps:
  • Each team will put forth 3 preferences. The common preference will be selected .In case of more than one common preference, one will be chosen upon the discretion of the competition admins.
  • Players should not use Shield or Semi-Automatic Sniper.
  • Talking out loud is not allowed. All conversations must occur in messages, standard or otherwise.
Spot Registration is available.
Winners: INR 3000

Runners-up: INR 2000

about rules registration prize
Hard push by Dante; Benzema loses control; Immediate lob forward by Lahm; Robben jolts forward and gets to the ball; A cut in and finesse to the top corner; Casillas dives to his left and forces the ball out of play.
Sprint.. Pass.. Through.. Lob.. Shoot.. Defend.. Do whatever your 10 fingers allow you to do.

Let's FIFA 14!
Format : 1 vs 1, Group and Knock Out
Platform : PC
Half Time : 7 minutes
                    10 minutes for semifinals
                    12 minutes for finals
Camera : Default
Stadium : Random, Neutral
Tactics : Default
Level : Legendary
All Settings: Default
Team : Clubs and International Teams, as the round rules

1) The tournament will be controller-only. Participants have to bring their own controller. Keyboard controls are allowed, but in case of both players wanting to play with keyboards, both of them have to resort to controllers.

2) All the matches shall kick off at 10:00pm, with clear weather. The referee will be set as ‘Random’.

3) In case of draw-game will continue in Classic mode, (penalties will be played to decide the winner in case of tie even in the extra time).

4) The matches will be one-legged between the participants, home advantage will be decided via toss.

5) A player is allowed to pause the game only when the ball is out of play. If they pause otherwise, they will have to score an own goal or be disqualified.

6) In a match, both the participants can not choose the same team.

7) In case of any dispute the organizers decision is final and no protests will be entertained.

The rules are subjected to change by the organizers of the tournament.

Spot Registration is available.
Winner: INR 1000

Runner-up: INR 500

Live Band Performance
There will be LIVE JUNKYARD GROOVE performance
in Fiesta 2014 this year to end the fest and
this season with a grand blast.
  • Time: 23rd March, 2014 @ 1700 hrs
  • Venue: Chennai Mathematical Institue
    Cultural Ground
  • No Water allowed inside
  • Alcohol Use Prohibited
  • Rights to Admission reserved by
    Fiesta Team
DJ Night
There will be DJ Night in Fiesta 2014 this year to end
the fest and this season with a grand blast.
  • Time: 23rd March, 2014 @ 2000 hrs
  • Venue: Chennai Mathematical Institue,
                  Cultural Ground
  • Entry: Free
  • No Water allowed inside
  • Alcohol Use Prohibited
  • Rights to Admission reserved by
    Fiesta Team
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